Campaign Leadership

We are fortunate to have as campaign leaders a group of people so compromised, and who share our vision for the University and firmly believe in our mission to change Guatemala through education.

Letter from the Chair Board of trustees


At Universidad del Istmo we want to transform Central America. We want to support this region which is experiencing critical moments and see in these moments the opportunities to transform Central America into a thriving and developed region for all.

Reach International Campaign marks a new era for the University, but it also wants to be a strong impulse for the country through an excellent preparation for the leaders that will at the front of businesses, public institutions, NGOs, education, media, hospitals and pharmacies, etc. This is what Universidad del Istmo has to offer Guatemala and Central America: capable and ethical leaders who can contribute to the development of the country and cause a real impact in society.

This is the inspiring mission at Universidad del Istmo is to offer intellectual growth, leadership opportunities as well as physical and social development for the whole region. We want our graduates bring to live the university motto “To know in order to serve.”

What have we achieved so far? Our last campaign “UNIS New Campus”, was successfully completed with a goal of $16 million. The total includes a gift of more than $2.5 million, three donations of more than $1 million, more than 20 gifts of more than a $100 thousand and hundreds of other very generous gifts. The funds raised through this campaign allowed us to acquire the land for our new campus, as well as build the first three buildings (Library, Rectory Building and the Student’s Center) which make the University’s heart. Our new campaign Reach aims to amplify our goal to $60 million that will serve to advance in the University’s priorities. Our goal is to build a progressively more international University, more open, where the professors be even more available to teach the students in and out the classroom, where there be opportunities of university life.

We know it is a big and ambitious dream, but we believe if we continue working as we have done until now, we can accomplish it. We want to build this project upon our successful history and we need persons like you who want to walk with us the remaining way to go. Your help can be transformational.


Álvaro Castillo
Presidente del Consejo de Campaña


Campaign Leadership

  • Álvaro Castillo Monge, Guatemala City
  • Alfredo Vila, Guatemala City
  • Federico Melville, Guatemala City
  • Luis Miguel Castillo, New York City
  • Juan de Dios Aguilar, Guatemala City
  • Manuel Antonio Marroquín Conde, Guatemala City
  • Gloria N. de Urruela, Guatemala City
  • Fausto Arimany, Guatemala City
  • Kenneth Erichsen, Guatemala City
  • Luisa María Mata de Arias, Guatemala City
  • Guillermo Gracias, Guatemala City
  • Elvira José Estrada de Prera, Guatemala City
  • Craig Van Sickle, Miami, Florida
  • Juan Carlos Coronado, Guatemala City
  • Jorge Girón, Guatemala City


Alfredo Vila Girón is a businessman and president of the Family Council at San Diego Group in Guatemala.

Gloria de Urruela de Novella is involved in Universidad del Istmo since its beginnings.

Kenneth Erichsen is a businessman and guatemalan olympic athlete, his passion for the youth led him to support Universidad del Istmo.

Elvira de Prera supports Universidad del Istmo because she believes that it is the future of Guatemala.

Guillermo Gracias is an entrepreneur and founder of the construction company Grupo G.

Manuel Antonio Marroquín was president of the University and is now in charge of the Association of Friends of the University.