Frequently Asked Questions

Can I designate my donation for a specific purpose?

Yes, you can designate your donation for a specific area or project, at Universidad del Istmo we will make sure that your gift is used for the purpose that you assign to it. However, unrestricted gifts give more flexibility to the University so that it can answer to its immediate needs. Donations destined to the endowment fund help assure that Universidad del Istmo can ensure its leadership today, and for future generations.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Once you have sent your donation, we will send you receipt for this purpose. Depending on your financial situation and the nature of your gift, the deductibility of the tax may vary.

Who may I contact if I want more information on how to donate to Universidad del Istmo?

Call the Office of Development at al +(502)6665-3700 Ext. 3725 or contact us at

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donations through our bank accounts in Guatemala or through Association for Cultural Interchange if you are in the United States. You can also ask for a recurring debit to be make to your debit or credit card. You can make specific gifts, such as considering us in your will or donate properties. For more information you can contact the Development Office at o al +(502)6665-3700 Ext. 3725

Is there minimum quantity to donate?

There is no minimum quantity. All gifts are very valuable and help us build our project.

A lot of organizations ask for contributions, why should I donate to Universidad del Istmo?

Giving to Universidad del Istmo is having a direct impact on the lives of thousands of guatemalan young people who are eager to change their country. It means investing on the education of leaders who later on will become the ones who dedicate their efforts to better Guatemala. Here at Universidad del Istmo we count on the generosity of many people to continue offering excellent academic programs, to keep researching and to continue contributing to the development of Guatemala. It is a golden opportunity to join our efforts for the education of Guatemala’s future leaders.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes, please specify it at the moment of making your donation. However, we would still like to have your contact information to be able to thank you, even if your name does not appear publicly.

Can I make a gift in honor/memory of someone?

Yes, you can specify it when making your donation. After you have named the honored person, you can ask the University to send a recognition for this person.

What does it mean that the University is is an undertaking of corporate apostolate of Opus Dei?

It means that it is promoted by Opus Dei faithfull, along with other people, and that it has the moral guarantee of Opus Dei. At Universidad del Istmo Opus Dei is in charge of everything relative to Christian orientation. However, the University welcomes and respects people from all faiths.

What is Opus Dei?

Opus Dei is part of the Catholic Church. The name is Latin for “Work of God”. Opus Dei’s mission is to spread the Christian message that every person is called to holiness and that every honest work can be sanctified.
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